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Spring is Here!

Many activities draw us outside, to renew our physical bodies and rejuvenate our outdoor living spaces – even if it’s only a plant by the front door.

More intensive use of our hands and forearms (Tennis, golf, weights, bowling, gardening, etc) can also cause stress in the muscles of our shoulders and neck. These tensions (especially in the hand, wrist and forearm) can create hyper-irritation in the Vagus nerve. (Cranial Nerve #10)

The result can be symptoms as diverse as ear pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, swallowing problems, heartburn / acid reflux (GERD), stomach and digestion disorders.

If any of these sound familiar, or if you have other aches and pains – give us a call. We are here to educate and serve you.

888-824-7025 - Give us a call!

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