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CranioSomatic Advantages for
Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists

What are the Advantages of Attending these Continuing Education Classes?

Our classes have been recently redesigned to enhance ease of use and to facilitate your clinical application of these cranial releases with your patients. Our goal is to have you ready to apply these techniques the next day to help resolve pain and neuromuscular dysfunction trapped by cranial restrictions.

What can these CE classes do for my practice?

These courses will enable you to effectively treat more complex conditions that cause pain. Our CranioSomatic techniques will allow you to grow your practice by offering a more specialized type of therapy that will differentiate you from your competitors. Personal referrals are the best advertising, and your patients’ notable improvements will make them ‘sales reps’ for your amazing new techniques. CranioSomatic practitioners are also able to charge more per session because of their special skills. Start your CranioSomatic education today!

What makes these CE classes better than others?

Our unique content! Plus, a detailed technique manual is included in the tuition for each course! These exceptionally effective cranial techniques are only taught by Hancock CranioSomatic Institute instructors. These outstanding individuals have active clinical practices, years of teaching experience, contemporary presentation skills, and years of experience in cranial techniques. Teaching methods not only use PowerPoints, but also incorporate manual learning aids (like realistic bone models and palpation aids). You will learn the techniques in a simple and easily understood way, and also how to apply them in your practice. We want our students to be able to use their new techniques with confidence the very next day.

What am I going to learn that is different?

  • That there are underlying cranial restrictions: ‘universal’ patterns of cranial distortion which adversely affect pelvic alignment and neuromusculoskeletal function.


  • The CranioStructural Integration protocol. Cranial techniques that provide – in one treatment session – very long-term benefits in structure and function; the only type of cranial therapy that has techniques effective enough to release these chronic cranial patterns.

  • How specific muscles are affected by specific sutures – relationships that will amaze you!

Any Special Benefits?

Our workshops provide you the additional advantage of receiving treatment with all of the techniques in each class – a value itself of over $300. When you personally feel the improvements these techniques provide, and experience the amazing changes in your own body, we are confident that you will be eager to offer your patients the same benefits – and reap the financial rewards!!

Why Hancock CranioSomatic Institute?

Because we are the only source for CranioSomatic concepts and these remarkable techniques. These cranial procedures will open your eyes to a new world of exciting potential for bringing your patients into greater comfort and improved performance they didn’t think was possible. Be their catalyst! Register Today!

What if I feel like I can’t afford the training?

Tuition discounts are available when you register for more than one workshop, and we offer payment plans. If you are a qualified individual* who has a genuine interest in learning our CranioSomatic techniques, we will work with you to make your attendance possible!** The great thing about our workshops is that they more than pay for themselves with your ability to increase your rates. Discounts

* Licensed healthcare provider in active practice.

** See “payment plans” on our Tuition page.

Explore the workshop information (link), as well as the current schedule of classes (link) and registration information (link).

Click here to download/print the information on this page.

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