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About The Institute

Hancock CranioSomatic Institute has been presenting workshops in effective cranial techniques in the U.S. and internationally since 1989.  Our mission is to train healthcare professionals in cranial techniques and related therapies that improve neuromusculoskeletal function and enhance patients’ quality of life.

Our workshops, seminars, and lectures present CranioSomatic Therapy techniques developed by Dr. G. Dallas Hancock and Dr. Flo Barber-Hancock; these include CranioStructural Integration and Facilitated Pathways Intervention.  The unique approach of CranioSomatic therapies can enhance athletic performance and provide long-term relief for patients whose lives are compromised by pain or dysfunction.

Our Institute is growing, adding dynamic instructors to bring a fresh new approach to our workshops.  The content is presented in easily understood modules, with ample hands-on practice and a contemporary delivery style that will keep you engaged.  Our teaching methods enable you to become confident and comfortable using our techniques to help your patients.

Our instructors are certified after completing a thorough professional development program, which includes extensive hands-on education, clinical practice, and presentation skills. Instructors also have at least five years of clinical experience and an active practice. They discover new applications of CranioSomatic Therapy and continue to improve the quality of life for each of their patients.

Explore the workshop information (link), as well as the current schedule of classes (link).

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