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Testimonials - Profound, Long Term Pain Relief 

CranioSomatic Therapy has had a big impact on the lives of many people experiencing joint pain, symptom, symptom and symptom. Below are some first hand accounts of the life changing benefits patients can likely experience when they receive CranioSomatic Therapy. 

I’m a 30-something guy, and have been a client of Flo’s for over a decade.  She has helped me many times to improve my overall health and reduce pain. Using CranioSomatic Therapy,  Flo has helped align my skull and body, including fixing my major headaches (which allowed me to complete my Bachelor’s degree), fight injuries, ankle sprains, lock-jaw, over-doing workouts, etc., etc. I have Flo to thank for living a better and less painful life, and I’m sincerely grateful.


Sean V.,  2014 – Tampa, FL

Thank you, Flo Barber, for greatly reducing the headaches that I've had for 8+ years after being struck by a drunk driver traveling over 100 mph. After just a few treatments, I experienced a level of pain relief that I wasn't able to achieve in any other way.... My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner! – Beyond Grateful,


Karen M.,  2015 – Tampa, FL

I just wanted to report back to you about my right ankle after I saw you earlier this summer. Well the timeline on this was that I sprained the (heck) out of my ankle in Sept of 2015. My chiropractor up here, Dr......  told me it was not broken but that it was a severe sprain and would take some time to get better, but that it would get better.

She was right. It was not broken and it did get better..... up to a point. But even after 18 months it was just not healing the way I felt that it should.  It still was hurting intermittently and was even getting worse sometimes and then back to semi-okay again.  But then I came to Tampa and saw you back in June. Since then it has really healed up very nicely! I have a little pain left, but wow did it improve after I saw you last!  Incidentally, I recently got a bike..... and now with my much improved ankle I can use it!  Thanks again –


Walt L.,  2011 – Arlington, VA

My name is Lisa. I have a story to share. This is the story of my recovery after 4 or 5 years of disability.  I was on medical leave . . . I went to many doctors, they could not find any reason for my pain or my many symptoms.  I tried numerous therapies, lost 40 pounds . . . and was so weak that I was, in effect, totally disabled.

The recovery I owe to Flo Barber's therapy, Facilitated Pathways Intervention. After a few months of therapy with her, I was steadily getting better. At the four-month mark, I was ready to start preparing to go back to work. I began working at a part-time job in my field after six months of Flo’s FPI therapy.   

Mostly my progress was steady, with gradual increases in my strength. At the one year mark I was able to begin a full time job, and was experiencing a fairly useful life. Although I was still went for therapy every week, and was quite clearly not yet in ‘maintenance.’ I was certainly a lot happier; I could even enjoy eating out at restaurants occasionally. By this point, my husband was overjoyed that we were getting our lives back. At the two-year mark, I was confident enough of my recovery to accept a better job in another state. (Flo usually gets results with people very quickly; I was not a typical case!)  

By last summer, Flo was working with me in the gym; I was doing push-ups, working on the machines, and lifting weights. I had started with one pound weights, and was up to 5 or 6 pounds. After one particular session I told my friend, "My regular treatment is over, and I am in maintenance now!”

Today, I have not been back for 6 months to see Flo. During that time, I have not had one visit to a chiropractor, either. I am not perfect; I still have twinges of this or that. But Facilitated Pathways therapy has restored my body’s ability to heal itself, and my life is normal again. I want to become a practitioner of Facilitated Pathways Intervention. After seeing it heal so many varied types of injuries and illness, I have a burning desire to help others as Flo helped me. It is such a gentle, safe, and effective treatment. I have attended two of Flo's classes, and I plan to take them all. Being in that first class was a true moment of triumph. After all - who better to learn than one who has experienced this therapy as a patient?

Thank you, Flo, for healing my muscles, for teaching my body how to function again, and for bringing Facilitated Pathways Intervention into this world.

Lisa G., Sept. 2014 – Oak Ridge, TN

I was introduced to Dr. Hancock’s cranial work in the late 1980’s. At that time I had a stressful office job and suffered from migraines and chronic back and abdominal pain. After a few treatments my headaches were gone and my chronic pains faded. The amazing results from the cranial work brought extraordinary changes to my physical life, as well as my emotional well-being. Convinced of the power of CranioSomatic Therapy, I became a student and practitioner.  

Now, as a certified practitioner, Dr. Hancock’s CranioSomatic techniques enhance my treatment outcomes and improve patients’ ability to heal quickly and dramatically. It is one of the easiest and most effective skills I have learned as a massage therapist. His specific protocols allow healing to be simple, versatile, effective, noninvasive, and safe. Since CranioSomatic work is natural and inclusive, supporting the body in self-regulation, it is a natural complement to other forms of health care - whether medical, naturopathic, chiropractic, oriental medicine, body therapies, massage, etc. The best part about CranioSomatic therapy is that it is truly wellness care.  You do not have to be sick to benefit from this care. You will be supported in achieving your ultimate goal - a happy and radiantly healthy body and mind - your best protection against disease.

Steve D.,  LMT;  2013 – Tampa, FL

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