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Touch for Health & SK

CS-TFH: Sutural Releases for Touch for Health and Specialized Kinesiology Practitioners

Pre-requisite: TFH Levels 1 - 3 (or special permission from the instructor)
2-day workshop; 16 CE hours; designed specifically for TFH & SK practitioners.

A similar course may be offered at the TFHKA Convention in Kansas City, KS in June 2017.

The CranioSomatic Institute presents a special 2-day, 16 hr. workshop for TFH & SK practitioners. This workshop provides practitioners with new tools for strengthening inhibited muscles: sutural releases. Most of the muscles listed in the TFH “42 Muscle Test Checklist” can be correlated with one or more cranial sutures which, when restricted, can weaken (inhibit) the related muscle(s). Sutural releases for most of these 42 muscles will be included.

When the appropriate sutural restrictions are released (generally a simple distraction technique) the inhibited muscle(s) will immediately strengthen. If the muscle weakness is the result of a sutural restriction and that restriction is not released, other strengthening procedures may provide only limited or short-term results.


In this workshop, the emphasis is placed on identifying and releasing sutural restrictions, in both the cranial vault and facial regions. Muscle testing and therapy (circuit) localization are used extensively to identify sutural restrictions, demonstrate their effects on muscles and fascia throughout the body, and to confirm after treatment that muscle function has been restored. A brief review of cranial anatomy will be provided to facilitate these processes.

Participants will have ample practice time to develop their sutural release skills. The goal is self- care and the ability to integrate these CranioSomatic concepts and a sutural clearing routine with their current AK evaluation and treatment procedures.

Note: CS-TFH meets the prerequisite for attending CSF-2.

CS-TFH: Sutural Releases for TFH & SK Practitioners

Investment for this workshop is $445. Receive a $50 discount if you register for any workshop 3 weeks or more in advance.

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